Kelsey Raskob

Kelsey RaskobHi! My name is Kelsey Raskob, CEO/ Founder of Increase Real Estate Deals. 

I graduated from UNCW just a few years ago. I majored in Communication Studies focusing in advertising and public relations. I decided to stay at this little east coast beach town Wilmington, NC because I love it so much; although everyone told me if I wanted a decent job I had to move. I decided I would make it work no matter what. So I started working for a small business organization, where I learned the ins and outs of running a small business, advertising, event planning, and personal development. I enjoyed it, met many business contacts, and got great experience. Eventually I realized, I worked too many hours and didn't make enough money. Right then and there I realized if I was going to work so hard, I should be working hard for my own dreams, not someone else's. That's when I decided to start my own company.

A year ago I started my social media marketing agency, "Kelsey Raskob Marketing & Designs". Although I achieved success helping my clients build revenue, I really didn't know how to run a social media agency. I knew I needed to be mentored. My team and I are now trained and certified by social media expert Tai Lopez. Tai Lopez is a ranked as one of the top 3 people in the entire world for using social media in business to create revenue. The techniques we now know (and will use on your business) were pioneered using $20 million in experimenting the best social media techniques. Although I knew a lot of about digital marketing before, I now have a wealth of knowledge. I'm fully confident in helping companies bring in more profit than what they pay for in marketing. 

After years of research and learning as much as I could on real estate investing; I realized that wholesaling and flipping just wasn't for me. I decided to continue what I am good at Social Media Marketing, but I have now pivoted my social media agency to focus on the niche of real estate investors. I found a gap where not a lot of investors knew how to brand themselves.  That's when I created "Increase Real Estate Deals". My goal is to help real estate investors find and make more deals using today's top digital marketing strategies.  I am also starting my own passive income real estate investing business, through Airbnb. It's quite successful so far, I'm looking to expand that business as well.  I am ultimately a entrepreneur and look forward to other endeavors I may have down the road, as well helping other people become successful and fulfill their own dreams.


Linzi Jones


This is Linzi Jones, Executive Assistant. 

Major, Computer Information Technology at UNCW.


You know that saying, only hire people smarter than you? Well, I really hit the nail with this one! Linzi is a bright, young, college student who is always keeping me on my toes. She has contributed to multiple successes we have already had together, and we are just getting started. Linzi is the content queen, she loves design and anything that has to do with editing. She has undergone the same training as me and right up to par with the newest techniques in the digital world today. Going to school at UNCW for CIT will only bring mored skills to this company and I am truly blessed to have her on my team. 







Chic Scaparo


This is Chic Scaparo, Videographer/Photographer. 


Chic's work is phenomenal. Chic does all of our personal photos and videos as well as our clients. Chic has a way about working with people. He makes sure everyone looks polished and professional in front of the camera. He guides you step by step to make the most out of your media! When media needs to be done, this is our go to guy.  Check out his work here












Our team continues to grow with other freelancers and entrepreneurs. This section stays updated as changes unfold.

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